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Mana, the abode of brahmins is usually the centre of culture, education and scale of wisdom. In Kerala these manas were said to be established by Lord Parasurama inorder to fabricate a new texture of social customs and traditions. Namboothires from north. Were brought by him as a part of this novel concept. Suryakaladimana, one of the six richest focal points of ‘mantra’ practitioners is renowned for mantravada, the science of Mantra and for Ganesha worship. This Mana, situated in Nattassery, Kottayam Dist, Kerala is enriched with glorious tradition and legends is believed to have been instituted by Lord Parasurama. The legend goes that Lord Surya appeared infront of an ancestor of this mana and blessed him with a divine text (Grantha) containing many secret mantras and their proper applications. One male child in each generation is titled “Suryan” as a reminder of his ancestor’s tryst with God.The name surya kaladi owes its incomparable orgin from this illuminating episode of history. The term Nampoothiri (Nampaan pattunnavar) means those who can be trusted and the suffix thiri denotes their revered status in Kerala Society. They were once, the final word in manthram (Sacred Prayers), Tanthram (Sacred Practices), Jyothisha (Astrology) and Mantravaadam (Occult Practices) and were the advisors of king and feudal lords and practioners of law, both divine and human. According to two popular treatises, Kerala Maahatmyam and Keralolpathi, the Nampoothiries were the descendants of the Brahmins who were brought to Kerala from Northern India by Warrior – Brahmin saint, Lord Parasurama.

The Nampoothiries were later settled in 32 villages of Kerala and among them; Surya Kaladi Mana is highly revered and remembered. They belonged to the kumaaranallore village in the modern Kottayam District. But, the present family traces their lineage to Kaladi in Shukapuram village (present Ponnani Taluk of Malappuram District). The Nampoothiries of Surya Kaladi Mana belong to the ‘Vishishtar’ category of Nampoothiries who came after their upper most classification or Azhvaanchery Thamprakkal (the supreme spiritual head of Nampoothiries) and the eldest male member of the family is always known as Suryan Bhattathiri. Surya Kaladi Mana is known for their renowned ancestors who were great taantriks or those who perform the Tantram. The sumptuous and ritualistic breakfast or Ganapathi Prathal offered to their Family Deity, Sri Maha Ganapathy is also very famous. Pratyaksha Ganapathy Homam invoking Sree Ganapathy in a live Elephant is their unique speciality.


The great ancestor of Kaladi mana had met with an unnatural death and his heir vowed to avenge the death of his father by exterminating the whole race of Yakshi(Demon Godess) who made the mishap. He commences an intense ‘tapas’ to please Lord Surya. The Lord appeared in the guise of a brahmin to bestow all the sacred and powerful mantras upon him. Belief is that there is the omnipotent and omnipresent blessing of lord Surya in the mana. As wide as the sky and as deep as the blue ocean,the great Sun God showers His golden radiance upon the mana. No wonder, this great historical spot received the most fitting adage namely suryakaladi mana.