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  1. The members of Surya Kalady Mana have an extensive network of temples were all the tantric rites are managed by them. The spiritual endeavors of these temples are under their supervision, instructions and guidance.

  2. They perform rare and skillful mantravadas litter to non performed by any one else.Strictly confined to the tantric powers carried on from one generation to another, these rituals are seen to yield surprising results.

  3. The Surya Kalady members are masters of astrology. They are blessed to predict the predicaments of human life with a sixth sense derived from godly blessings. Sun, as is well known, is the center of deity of Astrology and the sun has its residing presence in the mana through out, be it night or day. Astrology is practiced every Sunday and it goes to the spectacular and singular credit of this Mana that jyothisham can be done even in the night time since sun god throw his glories presence round the clock in this majestic seat of vinayaka.

  4. Navarathri is another significant period of awakening in the Mana.Thousands flow to the Mana with their children and the children are initiated in to the study of alphabet. This ritual popularity is known as vidyarambham and extence to a span of nine days of poojas and celibrations for propiating godess Saraswathy.

  5. The Suryakalady Mana vibrates fully with echoes of divinity during the Vinayakachathurthyday . The festival falls on sukalapaksha chathurthy and is observed with great enthusiasm and ……….. . Supreme poojas and unique programmes are held on this day. Distinguished artist from diverse cultures and artistic regions flock the holy sands of Suryakalady Mana at this day.


The ceremony begins with the Grahashanti Homam. Holy water collected during Ganga Pravaham is carried as a procession. This ceremony famously known as Saptha Nadee Theertha Kalasa Radhayatra is accompanied by innumerable devotees of the Mana. Next day finds the Sahasra Kalasa Pooja. There is also Banesi Devis Pooja during this time.a number of significant poojas also are performed during this day.

Quiet remmiscent of the great Upanishad adage “Tat Twam Asi” the Vinayakachathurthy days at Suryakaladi Mana underlines the ageold theory of our great teachers that each individual is a spark of the great fire called God. Human life, after all, is a voyage of the Jeevathma to be one with the Paramathma. Behiend all this animate and inanimate object of this universe, what we find is the genours and loving touch of god. May be why each boy whos steps into the Mana during the Vinayakachathurthy is treated as Bala Ganapathy. Each adult is a vinayaka and each female is vinayaki. A sumptuous feast is giving to them and this is phenomenally termed as the Ganapathy prathal. The last day of Vinayakachathurthy finds the Genesh idol being submerged into the water in a ritualistic holy fasion.

Pathamudayam is another auspicious day in the Mana when the sun will be at the highest peak of power and radiance. A special kalasam for Lord Surya is done during this day.